Tuesday, 27 March 2012


By Njonjo Mue

From the outside
We marveled and gazed
At institutions that towered 
Imposingly above us
With the confidence 
Of Kilimanjaro 

In our First Year
We were awed
By their intricate performance 
Fascinated by ideas
So new yet so old.

As we entered our Second Year
The beat of legal jargon
Began to lose its rhythm 
And we faltered as we danced
To its awkward tune
Embracing as it did
More ideas than ideals.

As we prepared to leave 
We were finally forced to admit 
This simple but harsh reality:
Structures, after all, are
Made by humans, for humans
And often embody the very frailties
That they seek to redress.

We departed in two unequal files
One qualification, two destinations:

The idealist
Feeling one step
Closer to the truth
Went forth
Strengthened in her resolve
To lend spirit to the letter 
Of the law

While the Cynic 
Armed with newfound skills
Determined to make a fortune
By going forth to find 
the most legal ways
Of breaking the law.

As we left to take our place
On the Stage of Human Affairs
Others came in to play their part
On this tour of duty
To a land where
At least for a while,
They could afford to dream
Of peace and justice
Talk of law and order
And discuss hopes
Of changing the world
Some day.

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