Thursday, 30 August 2012

I just finished reading 'Wanjira' ( a novel by Wambui Githiora and I found it a very refreshing reflection of a more innocent age that I fear we may have lost forever, especially on our university campuses where these days we read of all sorts of shenanigans and creepy goings on. The idealism of the student politics of the mid-1970s and the decency of the budding romances between sincere young people that is depicted in the novel made me nostalgic about an age when young people were not too much in a hurry to grow up and 'make it' and in the process sell out their ideals and bodies to the highest bidder. Cry my beloved country...

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

The following quote by J. Alan Peterson really blesses me. It reminds me that my marriage is only as good as what I put into it. It is more blessed to give than to receive, and this is particularly true in marriage. Thank you for such good advice Mr. Peterson. 

Most people come into marriage believing it is a box full of goodies from which we extract all we need to make us happy. Marriage is an empty box. There is nothing in it. It is an opportunity to put something in, to do something for marriage.

Marriage was never intended to do something for anybody. People are expected to do something for marriage. If you do not put into the box more than you take out, it becomes empty. Love isn't in marriage, it is in people, and people put it into marriage. Romance, consideration, and generosity in marriage, are in people, and people put them into the marriage box. Living for each other, releases both of you to relax and work together productively to keep the box full.