Saturday, 15 December 2012

Kenya's Demonic Politics

Kenyan politics has become demonic, not in any esoteric sense of being possessed. But in the sense that it has lost its way. As Walter Wink says in his book 'The Powers That Be', "If the demonic is the spirituality produced when the angel of an institution turns its back on its divine vocation... and if the demonic arises when an angel deviates from its calling, then social change does not happen on casting out the demon, but recalling its angel to its divine task."

The angel of Kenyan politics has turned its back on its divine vocation and deviated from its calling to work for the greatest good of the greatest number. It has become captive to a handful of rich families and their retinue of praise singers, reducing the rest of us to helplessly watching from the sidelines. It is time to recall this demonic angel back to its divine task, not just by voting in March 2013, but by speaking prophetically to the Powers that be and telling them "Thus sayeth the LORD, let my people go."

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