Thursday, 18 December 2014


Yesterday marked the official start of Uhuru Kenyatta's re-election campaign. The ‪#‎SecurityBill‬ had little to do with containing terrorists but everything to do with terrorising citizens into submitting to every whim of the state, to stop us from exposing the rot, to never dare point out that the Emperor's new clothes are a bit too revealing, and thereby to eventually guarantee that the prophesied 20 year rule of Jubilee becomes a reality.
Now they shall detain us without trial, they shall declare us guilty until we are proved innocent, they shall listen to our phone calls, they shall require us to ask for their permission to investigate them, we shall also have to check with them whether some pictures are 'gory' or 'offensive' before we can share them, they shall deregister us claiming we are funding terrorists without providing a shred of evidence or giving us a chance to be heard, and, oh yes, in everything we do, we must be very careful not 'to undermine the authority of a public officer'. We've been here before and some of us are old enough to remember how Moi did it and Kenyatta before him.
The big question of the day is, are we supposed to just roll over and accept to give up all the gains we have fought, sweated, bled and died for over the last two decades?
The struggle of people against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.
Amkeni ndugu zetu.

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