Friday, 4 March 2016

DP Ruto Chief Guest at Alliance Fundraiser? #NotInMyName!

For the better part of a year, I have tried to keep off what might be perceived as any attack on our political leadership, but what I am writing here is not about politics or a political leader but about my Alma Mater, the school that shaped me into who I am today. And so, try as I might, I cannot remain silent at such a time as this. 

Alliance High School was built on a strong foundation of Christian service to society. It is not by accident that the school's motto is 'Strong to Serve.' When I attended the school in the 1980s, the values of discipline, honesty, integrity and hard work were drilled into us as being inseparable from any authentic experience of being human. It is no wonder that all the blood, sweat and tears that had been invested in building the school since it was founded in 1926 resulted in consistent excellent performance in both curricular and extra-curricular activities.

This month, the school celebrates its 90th birthday. For some reason the school has decided to invite Deputy President William Ruto as the chief guest for the launch of its fundraising campaign. This notwithstanding the fact that this individual has very many question marks hanging over his head, from the unfinished ICC trial to questions about the sources of his money.

I was taught during my days at the school that the end could never justify the means. But it would appear that in the Alliance of 2016, the end very much justifies the means! The guiding principle of today's decision-makers at the school, be they the Board of Directors, the school administration or the Old Boys Club, would appear to be 'All we want is your money... no questions asked.'

Former School Chaplain, The late Rev. F.G. Welch and his wife Eileen are only two of the luminaries in the history of the school that have paid a high price for what they believed in. After decades of dedicated service to the School, they were unceremoniously deported from Kenya for standing on principle and refusing to dis-invite politician Kimani Wa Nyoike who had fallen out with Moi to a meeting of the school's Theological Society of which Rev. Welch was the patron. They must be turning in their graves at the thought of how far the old school has compromised its principles and moral standards.

I am only one of thousands of students who have passed through Alliance High School on their way to going on to take their place on the stage of human affairs, but to the extent that my voice counts, I strongly urge, even at this late hour, that my old school rescinds this invitation. And if it does not, I want to place it on record here that the invitation to DP William Ruto to be the Chief Guest on the 90th Founders Day is done #NotInMyName.

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