Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Be My Valentine

By Njonjo Mue

You drew your bow of love
And shot your arrows of passion
Straight through my heart
And there was no escape
As I yielded to your beauty
Surrendered to your charm.

I gazed into your eyes
But there was nothing there
To betray what you really felt
I searched your face
For just a hint
Of emotion
But all I saw
Was that haunting smile
That declared that I belonged to you
Even though you could never
Really be mine.

But there was no escape!
I lay helplessly in your arms
Abandoned in my love for you
And wanting so desperately
To believe in yours for me
For there was no turning back.

Many moons later
I still search
But I am no nearer
To capturing your heart
Though your mind and body
Are always there
For me to behold.

I ask you one more time today
Knowing what your answer will be
But still offering you a love
Beyond hope, beyond reason
A love you already know
To be yours forever...
"Won't you be my Valentine?"

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