Sunday, 17 February 2013


They had us 
At each other's throats
Neighbour killing neighbour
Brother maiming sister
As we rose up 
To defend 'our own'

After the dust had settled
We dried our teary eyes
To find them 
Holding all the power
And we, 
All the broken dreams

Then followed the familiar script -
Maize scandals and oil scandals
Grand regency and grand typos
Salaries raised, taxes unpaid
It was their turn to eat!

Yesterday's enemies are best of friends
And yesterday's friends, worst of enemies
Same cast, different roles
All promising
A better Kenya
Where they can share all the wealth
And we, all the poverty

Suppose just this once
We change the script
And seek out real leaders
Who actually care
About the same things
We care about?

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