Thursday, 19 January 2017


48 hours to go before the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, it is still unclear whether the inauguration will go ahead. This is because outgoing President Barack Obama has refused to step down despite his term having expired.
A mediation team made up of the President of Mexico, the former President of Guatemala and the Prime Minister of Canada have visited Washington twice in as many weeks in an effort to persuade Obama to step down, to no avail.
The regional trading block, NAFTA, has said that it will send in troops to force Obama to step down according to the US Constitution. Venezuela and Cuba on their part have offered Obama asylum and immunity from prosecution should he be so kind as to step down.
But Obama has instead challenged Trump's election in the Supreme Court which, due to an absence of judges, cannot hear the challenge until May. He has also convened Congress and successfully persuaded it to extend his term for three months, and when the Chief Justice declined to issue an injunction against Trump's inauguration, Obama simply declared a state of emergency.
Meanwhile, in the advanced African Democratic State of The Gambia, outgoing President Yahya Jameh, who was defeated in the December election by opposition candidate Adama Barrow, has graciously reiterated that he has conceded defeat and is fully respecting the Constitution and the will of the Gambian people, and will hand over power in a peaceful inauguration ceremony scheduled to take place in the Capital, Banjul, on 19th January.
Long live African democracy; long live the African Union.

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