Tuesday, 22 November 2016

As I leave The Hague and the 15th Assembly of State Parties to the ICC today, I sense that this is the last ASP that I shall have attended. This is because, despite the struggle for justice for victims of post-election being far from over, the possibility of obtaining justice through the International Criminal Court for what happened in 2008 is foreclosed for now. And it is time to focus our energies elsewhere.

But I should clarify that we are not abandoning the international stage. Far from it, for I am so encouraged by the fact that over the last decade of using institutions we helped create and telling the victims' story to the world, we have mentored a new cadre of young, committed and passionate warriors for justice who are more than ready to take up the mantle and who will do even better than us in the quest for a more just society.

To the victims, those who bore the brunt of our brokenness as a country, those who still nurse the scars that you sustained when our difficult journey to true nationhood was viciously interrupted and when we descended into 60 days of anarchy. To you who, despite our best efforts, await your justice still, my prayer is that you would somehow reach down deep into the recesses of your souls, and that there you would discover a healing balm that you can use not only to begin you own healing, but to share it with others, even those of us whose woundedness is not as visible or obvious, and in so doing, to show us all the way.

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