Saturday, 12 November 2016

By abusing God's daughters, we have also diminished ourselves....

Dear God
Please forgive us
for the way we have treated your daughters -
our girlfriends and wives, sisters and mothers - 
as children of a lesser god.
For abusing them physically, verbally and emotionally
for denying them opportunities
that should have been their right at birth.
For keeping them ignorant and subservient.
For making them work twice as hard
for half the pay and even less recognition.
Please help us to realise
that when we abuse your precious daughters
we are not only abusing your image in them
but that we ourselves are thereby also diminished,
and that 'by compressing the feet of our daughters,
we are also retarding the steps of our sons'
for none of us can be truly free
until all of us are free
to pursue our dreams
and to achieve
our fullest potential.
We thank you for your mercy,

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