Friday, 4 November 2016

Marching around the walls of Jericho...

In this season when the word is on every tongue, I have made a covenant with God not to speak about corruption. Not because it does not exist. On the contrary, like most Kenyans, I am overwhelmed and intimidated by the seemingly impenetrable walls which stand on the way to our land of promise, of which corruption is just a part. But I am marching silently around and around these walls and waiting for the trumpet to sound. Then and only then will I join other men and women of goodwill in lending my voice to the shout that will once and for all bring the walls tumbling down. But make no mistake, the walls will come down. It's not a question of whether but when. The challenge that lies before us now is to march around them in quiet dignity and when the time comes, to shout together, aloud and with firm resolve, and to confidently take our country back never to give it up again.

We shall overcome... Amkeni ndugu zetu!

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