Saturday, 19 November 2016

HISTORY DOES NOT FORGET: Njonjo Mue's closing remarks at the 15th Assembly of State Parties.

This session has attempted to address the question of justice in Kenya after the ICC. I would like to remind us that our struggle for justice did not start with the ICC. We were fighting for the dignity of the Kenyan people long before the ICC came to Kenya and we will continue fighting long after it has left.

Nor is this struggle a personal fight against Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto. It is against anyone who takes it upon himself to use violence to gain or retain power. We fought against Moi, we fought against Kibaki, we fought against Uhuru and Ruto and we will fight against anyone who comes after them and uses political violence as a means for attaining power.

As for the Kenya cases at the ICC, they may have gone away for now in large part due to witness intimidation and lack of state cooperation, but make no mistake, the victory of might over right is always and ever only fleeting. Augusto Pinochet and Alberto Fujimori, Charles Taylor and Hissene Habre are dead and living examples that you can delay your fate, but you cannot escape it. Justice will eventually catch up with you, because history does not forget.

I thank you.

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