Thursday, 10 November 2016

Justice ultimately triumphs over injustice - Njonjo Mue's acceptance remarks for the KCPF Utumishi Bora Award for Crusading for Justice.

When you devote your life to crusading for justice and fighting for human rights, you learn to come to terms with two realities. First, there are very few rewards this side of eternity. Second, the road to a just society is long and winding and treacherous. And along that road, one often encounters low moments - whether one is sitting in a cold police cell, or being teargassed or beaten by the police for participating in a peaceful demonstration, or one is denied opportunities for career advancement because of being too vocal and refusing to support the status quo. In these moments of self-doubt, it is easy for one to lose sight of the ultimate destination. At such times, one needs a sign post to reassure them that they are still moving in the right direction. To me, this award is one such sign post.

And so, I wish to thank the Kenya Christian Professionals Forum for this recognition, this sign post. I wish to thank my life partner and best friend, Katindi Sivi Njonjo for her support. Thank you, sweetheart, for being my constant encourager. I wish to thank my friends and colleagues in the civil society. Some of you here may not always agree with what civil society does or how it does it, but as one wise judge pointed out a long time ago, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. So civil society plays a critical role in keeping power in check and the powerful accountable. Finally, I thank my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, who died an unjust death, but rose again and became our abiding inspiration by demonstrating that ultimately justice triumphs over injustice, right overcomes wrong, and life conquers death.

I thank you. 

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